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  • Подарочный купон
    Артикул: KUPONAS

    Gift certificate for the purchase of goods
    Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent a gift voucher with an authentic code
    When ordering, please indicate the name and surname of the coupon recipient in the comment
    Terms of use:
    One gift voucher can be used for one shopping
    Validity: 3 months, if the coupon has not been used during its validity period, the service is considered to have been provided
    The coupon is not exchangeable for cash
    If you buy for less than the coupon amount, the difference will not be refunded
    If the cart amount is bigger than the coupon amount, the difference can be paid by bank transfer

    2000  - 50000  с НДС
    CHANGLU display shelf
    Артикул: CL-STAND
    12584  с НДС
    В корзину 
    Display shelf WORCRAFT
    Артикул: WTCX005
    15730  с НДС
    В корзину