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Warranty policy & Returns

    The product has a warranty period specified in the warranty card or purchase document, starting from the date of sale. Tools and equipment are repaired free of charge if there is a defect in the manufacturer or poor quality material. Warranty repairs are performed in the shortest possible time, but not longer than within 30 days. If the product is unrepairable, it is replaced with a new one, and if there is no possibility to replace it, the money paid for the product is refunded. The goods submitted for warranty inspection must be delivered to UAB "LIUDO ĮRANKIAI" company together with the document confirming the purchase (invoice or cash receipt).

    The warranty is not valid if:
    - Tool and equipment that has the property of being worn naturally due to use (carbon brushes, wires, batteries, connectors, tool holders, etc.) and at the same time its functionality is reduced.
    - The tool and equipment parameters have been exceeded, have not been used for their intended purpose and have been used with unsuitable accessories.
    - The tool and the equipment surface is mechanically affected (puncture, dent, abrasions).
    - It is not possible to determine the tool and equipment serial number.
    - For tools and equipment if the fault is related to environmental influences - cold, humidity, heat.
    - Failure of the tool and equipment is due to excessive voltage or surges (due to the customer or his fault).
    - Faults in the tool and equipment caused by foreign objects, materials, liquids entering.
    - The tool and equipment failures caused by natural disasters (lightning, floods, etc.).
    - The tool and equipment have been used in violation of the instructions and periodic inspections.
    - The tool and equipment have been repaired.

    The product can be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase or from the date of delivery of the goods. When returning the product, it is necessary to fill in the application.

    The returned product must meet the following requirements:
    - Undamaged packaging, undamaged labels, undamaged protective films.
    - The product is unused and undamaged.
    - The product is complete with all documentation supplied by the manufacturer.
    - The product is accompanied by purchase documents.
    - The return service is not reimbursed when returning the goods via courier.

    When returning the product purchased in the store, we will ask you to submit a free-form written request, indicating the detailed order information: order number, product, product code, price, delivery date. The application must include a refund account.


    We may refuse to take back a product if changes have been made to the appearance of the product or packaging that were not necessary to inspect the product, including damaged labels, torn protective films, and violations of transparent packaging that would not interfere with the right to inspect the product.
    If the packaging damage to the product results in the product not being able to be sold later for the same price, without violating the other Buyer's rights to purchase a new and unused product, such products can only be returned by mutual agreement (eg if you agree to compensate for depreciation). .
    When returning quality goods, the Buyer shall bear all transportation costs related to their return.
    When returning quality goods, the buyer is responsible for packaging the goods.

    Please return or deliver the returned product to the address below:
    Darbo st. 42, Kaunas, Lithuania, LT-52102

    Inform about the return of the product by e-mail letter or contact us by phone +370 37 373598.

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