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Sheet metal refitting shears attachment for drill

  • Sheet metal refitting shears attachment for drill

    Code: MHRDGT02
  • Upgraded Design: Unlike other sheet metal cutter drill attachment on the market, the front wheel of our cutter has also been changed to a serrated wheel, which distributes the cutting force to two cutter wheels, which improves the cutting quality and the life of the cutter. It is also less laborious and easier to cut than the traditional cutting tools operation, which can save a lot of working time and improve efficiency.
    Excellent Material: Our electric drill shears attachment cutter nibbler is made of high quality 40Cr steel and aluminum alloy, which has good wear resistance and high hardness, not easy to wear longer service life.
    Wide Range of Applications: Metal nibbler drill attachment is made for light metal plate, can cut 0.2-1mm iron, 0.3-1mm white iron, 0.2-0.8mm steel, 0.3-1.2mm copper, 0.3-1.2mm aluminum, 0.2-0.5mm stainless steel, not applicable to more than 0.5mm stainless steel and special high hardness alloy plate
    Easy to Use: Electric drill plate cutter can easily turn your ordinary electric drill into a metal cutter with smooth rotation and less jamming, you can easily cut thin metal sheets. We are equipped with an applicable handle that can be used for most electric drills such as lithium-ion, impact, and pistol drills. Easy to carry, easy to store when not in use, perfect for your toolbox.
    Note: This kit does not include a drill, we do not recommend you to use this cutter to cut materials that we have not mentioned to avoid damaging the machine.