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Домой / Как купить?

Как купить?

There are 4 steps to place an order:
    1. Shopping cart. Placing items in the shopping cart;
    2. Address. E-mail address, password and shipping settings;
    3. Payment. Payment options, shipping and delivery estimates;
    4. Order. Submit and confirm order.

1. Shopping cart  

After You choose items and indicate the quantity – the shopping cart, which is on the top of the left corne starts blinking, indicating, that items are added to the cart. At once you see the quantity and amount. Any time you can click on the cart icon to do following actions:
    • To correct the quantity
    • To delete item from the cart
    • Go back to e-shop by clicking to any category of goods or simply clicking on “Home”

By clicking “Continue to next step” you will be prompted to continue order procedure.

2. Address 

You need to enter or confirm your data’s and Shipping address.
    • Without registration. You entering your address only for delivery, without possibility to follow your orders state and history, without possibility to make the list favorit items “Wishlist”, to manage “Personal settings” and “Billing and shipping settings”, Subscribe to Newsletter and etc. Doing next order you will be prompted to enter shipping address again.
    • I am already a customer. You need to enter your mail address, password and press login.
    • Create personal customer account. Making account you gettinf following advantages:
      - Administration of your address data
      - Possibility to check the status of your orders
      - Order history
      - Personal Wish List. To make the list of favorite items you are interested. To manage this list and to make orders from this list.
      - Newsletter subscription
      - pecial offers and discounts. To see your personal prices if such are given to you.

By clicking “Continue to next step” you will be prompted to continue order procedure.

3. Payment 

Payment method: only money transfer!
Sorry, but e-payment is not available. After getting your order the Invoice with the bank name and the account number will be send to you.

Shipping cost in Lithuania:
If purchase amount > 150.00€ without VAT, order is delivered free of charge within Lithuania.
If purchase amount ≤ 150.00€ without VAT, shipping cost 8.00€ within Lithuania.

IMPORTANT! If order weight is over 200kg and overall dimensions exceed 120x80x10cm, the shipping cost within Lithuania is under seperate agreement.

Shipping cost will be included in the Invoice.

Shipping cost outside Lithuania is under the separate agreement.

4. Order 

The last step. Please verify all data.
Confirm “Terms and condition” and “Customer information” by checking each cell.

Click “Submit order”. Order is done!

You will get order confirmation in your e-mail box.