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MANNOL Copper grease 50g

Номер продукта: 9896

Copper grease is a high-temperature paste with the addition of a thermally stable aluminium complex as a sealant and a copper filler. It protects effectively from corrosion in aggressive environments and prevents sticking of moving components
This product is designed for lubrication of fastenings such as screws, nuts of exhaust systems, brake cylinders, brake callipers, spark plugs, wiring elements, heat exchanger pipes, different hydraulic and pneumatic fastenings
Apply to cleaned surfaces using a paint brush, brush or lint-free cloth

DIN 51502
MF /3 U-20
NLGI 2/3
Working temperature from -30C to +1100C
Weight 50g

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9896 MANNOL Copper grease 50g Больше 2,59